Spine Studio



Spine Studio is a graphic design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work primarily with printed matter, visual identity, concept development and project management for local and international clients in arts, culture and publishing. Our process responds and adapts to the unique contexts of each project, enhancing the social and cultural impact of our clients and partners.

Marrow Press is an independent book publisher based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We work with non-fiction publications in the realms of art, culture, photography, architecture, and design. Our ambition is to produce high-quality contemporary publications with content that moves you. Marrow Press is established in 2023 by Finn Wergel Dahlgren and Jacob Birch.

Jacob Haagen Birch Founder and graphic designer Phone: (+45) 61 69 79 53 Mail: jacob@spine-studio.com
Finn Wergel Dahlgren Founder and graphic designer Mail: finn@spine-studio.com
Filip Grønning Andersen Graphic Designer Mail: filip@spine-studio.com
Instagram @spine_studio